by Psoy Korolenko & Igor Krutogolov



2015 Auris Media, AUM045


released February 8, 2015

Psoy Korolenko - vocals, grand piano
Igor Krutogolov - voice, noise, saw, grand piano (5,6)

All music except (9) by Psoy Korolenko & Igor Krutogolov
All lyrics except otherwise credited by Psoy Korolenko
Recorded live on 12/2/2014 at Levontin 7 (Tel-Aviv, Israel) by Eviatar Gutman
Mixed and Mastered by Kobi Farhi at Mitzlol Recording Studios
Artwork and Design by Igor Krutogolov
Produced by Victor Levin

BETWEEN MEN: fragment from script written for film-screening performance Bed And Sofa / фрагмент скрипта к киноперформансу Третья Мещанская

BETWEEN CHARYBDIS AND SCYLLA: cut-up of Scylla and Charybdis by Yuri Ustinov / МЕЖДУ ХАРИБДОЙ И СЦИЛЛОЙ: коллаж-нарезка из текста Юрия Устинова "Сцилла и Харибда"

COAL BLACK SMITH: Russian version of British folk song Twa Magicians, a.k.a. Oh Coal Black Smith as performed by Current 93 / Английская народная песня Два Волшебника, или О, Чёрный Кузнец, ср. репертуар Current 93.

SONG ABOUT LA: Velimir Khlebnikov L, poem slightly modified / ПЕСНЯ О ЛЯ: Слово об Эль Велимира Хлебникова, с незначительными изменениями




TO MAKE HOW TO MAKE A POEM: cut-up of How To Make Poems and other texts by Vladimir Mayakovsky, with minor additions / КАК ДЕЛАТЬ КАК ДЕЛАТЬ СТИХИ: коллаж-нарезка из статьи Как делать стихи и других текстов Владимира Маяковского с незначительными добавлениями

THE LITTLE CRYSTAL SHIP: music and lyrics by Yuri Ustinov (“Sleep. Our Little Ship Rocks…”) / ХРУСТАЛЬНЫЙ КОРАБЛИК: музыка и слова Юрия Устинова (оригинальное название песни “Спи. Наш кораблик покачивается…”)


all rights reserved



Auris Media Records Israel

Israeli label dealing with unusual experimental/avantgarde music.
Was established in 2003 and was dedicated to promote underground and independent music scene in Israel. The label plans to release the works and unique collaborations of independent artists of any kind from Israel and abroad, as well as live recordings of concerts organized by "Auris Media". ... more

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Track Name: Between Men
We’re two guys
And this is between us
A black and white board
Is left between us
Relentless melancholy
Has spread between us
The forgotten line of your draft gurgles between us
And two shreds of paper from someone else’s diary flutter like a banner
And this is between us
Between men
Between men
A taste of hot tea
Resort-goers in panama hats
The opacity of the ceiling
Frightens at times
And this is between us
Between men
Between men
The smell of challah and honey
You are a cloud in trousers
Our strength is great
We seem elephants
Our portion is hefty
We roll like waves
Our will is an open field a light wind and a powerful tsunami
Water from a spring streams between us
Between men
Between men
And what is to be
Autumn rains
Weary leaders
Je comprend tout ce q’on me dit
Go for bread
Don’t be over-watchful
I’m hiding, you lead
And this is between us
Go on now, don’t wait
Move all your checkers out
And queen yourself
And guide the stell into the scabbard
Before the white walls
Come, see and conquer, be victorious,
And cool your life,
As long as between us
To put it succinctly
It’s as if not all’s in vain
‘Cause at times it seems
Suddenly for nothing
But that all depends on whether before us glows defiant east (or west)
Composing immortality
And this is between us
Between men
Track Name: Between Charybdis And Scylla | Между Харибдой И Сциллой
Between the Scylla of esotericism and the Charybdis of orthodoxy, let us take a walk along the cutting edge of love...
Track Name: Coal Black Smith
Oh she looked out of the window
As white as any milk
But he looked into the window
As black as any silk
Hello, hello, hello, hello
Hello you coal black smith
Oh what is your silly song?
You shall never change my maiden name
That I have kept so long
I'd rather die a maid yes
But then she said
And be buried in my grave yes
And then she said
That I'd have such a nasty
Husky dusky musty funky
Coal black smith
A maiden will I die
Then she became a duck
A duck all on the stream
And he became a water dog
And fetched her back again
Then she became a hare
A hare all on the plain
And he became a greyhound dog
And fetched her back again
Then she became a fly
A fly all in the air
And he became a spider
And fetched her to his lair

And she became a corpse
A corpse all in the ground
And he became the cold grey clay
And smothered her all around
Track Name: Three Musketeers | Три Мушкетера
Athos and Porthos
Divided the artos
And Aramis
Brought an antimins
Track Name: Song Of The Wolves | Песня Волков
Oh, oh! You know I need the flow!
And if I have the flow,
Then I will tell you my canine wo-
In South Africa they have a statue of a dog
That led some drunk sailors home through the fog
And we have a statue of a homeless dog
That suffered at the hands of a stupid hog.
It took a lot of money to
Build that doggy monument
Or did they simply sign
On the dotted line with their voices
We say
And so do our dear citizens
Here, they
Are three
Names to speak:
Shakhnazarov, Babarykin and Sukhodeev
And many others, both good and evildoers
Among them one might even find Oleg Kulik
He was already famous as a dog
But his fame hadn’t reached its peak
A dog’s a big symbol in European culture
Ha! And in literature too, I’ll venture—
Take for example these famous lines:
“Come, Jim, give me your paw for luck”
A Jim that strong can’t be found in the gym!
Let’s work out beneath the moon like bucks
And overcome our features as ephemeral creatures!
Come, Jim, give me your paw for luck!
That’s a poem for a Doberman
Written by Esenin at the dacha of Kachalov
And so we should begin again, as tabula rasa
Vo! Vo! I got to have some flow!
And if I have some flow,
Then I’ll tell you my canine wo-
Bow wow!
The dog-catching thugs come out at night
They fish for us
and gulp us up
Like wolf pups
“That is the law,” they say
“And the law is of the paw,” they say.
And we, to spite them
Will herd up and bite them
We have the right
To herd up and fight
My brothers! That’s the key to survival
You got to fight all your rivals
Together, cool!
As a class who’ll howl!
If you’re not with us, you’re against us!
We’re so lucky we’re sobaki!
Who said a dog is an atheist?
Saint Francis preached to all, even to the dogs,
Some thought he was homeless
Others, holy.
And in San Francisco bums sleep not alone, but
Hugging doggies.
That is also a herd.
Or haven’t you heard?
In San Francisco it’s not warm enough
Of course, they have no winter
But they have no summer either
Although you know when you get there
You want to go home
Because the constant winds will chill you right to the bone!
And that’s no fun.
Wanna be a bum?
Find a dog and tell it “Come on,
Let’s lie around and wait for the sun,
Although you know it’ll never come
I knew a guy named Come
And this Come, he lived a year among a pack of dogs
He didn’t have much of a choice:
To live with dogs or live with the bums?
Dogs are better, they don’t attract the cops
(Which are a herd as well, whenever you get stopped.)
‘And didn’t you get lonely with the dogs for a year?’
‘Nope, it was simple, I just twisted my knobs and
Changed my channel to become a dog and
Unlike Oleg Kulik’s performance, this was for real.
‘And were you the alpha?’
‘No, the alpha was a dog.’
This conversation took place in the zoo near the wolf cage
The wolf paced the cage, looked at kids half his age
Who thought: ‘The wolf is the meanest motherfucker around!’
When people talk about him they sound
Like this: “The wolf is useful. He’s the surgeon of the forest,
A guy named Ivan and the wolf caught the firebird.
And did I mention the wolf
That gave birth to ancient Rome?
I could talk about this until the cows come home
Or about how wolves sometimes imitate dogs
Just like that
You can’t tell one from the other
Children pat them on the head, and want to tame them like their mother
Tamed them. They yell “doggie, doggie!”
But that isn’t a dog, it’s a wolf!
It’ll bite you in the leg, it’s tough!
And no matter if you’re old and rough
Or young enough
Or a man in the prime of life
You shouldn’t try to pet it
It’ll eat you in a minute
It’ll eat you, don’t you get it?
All wolves have the same kind of fangs
That can tear and chew any thang
And you it will lick
This ain’t Oleg Kulick!
A wolf can’t be discerned
From a dog, haven’t you learned?
But there are nuances.
What kind?
No answer!
Hardly anybody knows
And so the herd grows
Regardless of differences it heads out in a pack,
And that’s why so few people come back
This is what I wanted to hint at:
There are some dangerous apes,
They imitate people, like the wolves do dogs.
And which is the man, and which is the ape?
You can never tell just by looking at their shape.
In Canada they have a zoo with a mirror and a sign that says “world’s most dangerous animal!”
If the elephant cage is labeled "Buffalo," don’t believe it! Ne-ver! Ne-ver'!
The resemblance is minimal!
Even those dog-catching fellows are often gorellows
They grab not only dogs and not only wolfs but people too
I swear to you!
I have a friend who was bred from apes
Or so they said, but I didn’t get, what they meant by ‘bred’
Was it bred in the sense of ‘giving birth?’
Or was he ape’s “bread,” was he eaten, has he left the earth?
They said he left them—I heard—but I don’t remember word for word
What happened, maybe he did, or maybe he went off to find a secret place, a sacred space.
First he spent time as an ape and then found
Himself something else, like when Oleg Kulik stopped being a hound.
Track Name: In My Every Line | В Каждой Строчке
In my every line there is nothing special, in my every line there is nothing personal, in my every line there is nothing topical, in my every line there is nothing typical, in my every line there is nothing literal, in my every line there is nothing critical, in my every line there is nothing in particular, in my every line there is nothing except for nothing, I'm just filling your head with things you don't need, nothing, I'm just filling your head with some trifles, nothing, I’m just filling your head with nothing but nothing, and when I'm done I gotta say: GOTCHu!
Track Name: To Make How To Make A Poem | Как Делать Как Делать Стихи
The sea recedes… Recedes in sleep… Just look what stillness there is in the world… The night exacts an astral tribute from the sky… At time like this you ramble and sigh… To the centuries and to all creation unfurled…
Track Name: The Little Crystal Ship | Хрустальный Кораблик
Sleep… Our little ***ship*** rocks
On a wave like on a squirrel’s tail***.***
See the summer is still above us
***There is nothing*** to worry about

Sleep… ***The*** morning is taking aim
At the eyes, ***across* all distances
In the darkness, our faces conflow
Like some strange plants

Sleep… Our morning will not fire***.***
***The dinghy awaits, and the horse wanders along the shore.***
***But*** you sleep, I will ***I’ll*** be back in three hundred years,
I am already far away